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PharmCAS Check-In: Verification Process & Applicant Status Categories

  • 1.  PharmCAS Check-In: Verification Process & Applicant Status Categories

    Posted 04-17-2024 11:34 AM

    Please see below for a few reminders regarding PharmCAS as we enter the spring rush of applications and deadlines.

    PharmCAS Verification Process
    When an applicant submits their application, it is marked as "received."  Once all materials (i.e., transcripts, fee, or waiver) have been received, the application is marked as "complete," and the verification process can begin. Verifications occur in chronological order and can take up to 10 business days to complete. However, the current average PharmCAS verification time is 24 hours. 

    Applicant Status Categories
    Please pay special attention to the definitions below to learn more about your current applicants.

    • In-Progress: Applicants that have expressed an interest in your program but have not submitted their application or paid application fees. Users can view or search for these prospective applicants in WebAdMIT, but only contact information is visible.
    • Received: Application has been submitted. Not all required transcripts have arrived, the applicant has not approved their Professional Transcript Entry (PTE), or the fee waiver request has not yet been approved and, therefore, the application is not yet complete or eligible to be verified. School can access the full application for nurturing purposes only.
    • Complete: Application has been submitted and all required transcripts have arrived, and the application is in the transcript verification queue. School can access the full application for nurturing purposes only.
    • Verified: Application has been submitted and PharmCAS has confirmed the accuracy of the completed coursework and calculated GPAs. Additional materials may be missing (e.g., evaluations). School can access the full application and act on it.

    Additional status definitions can be found on page 81 of the PharmCAS School Manual.

    Guidance on Applicants in Received Status
    A common question we hear is about applicants in received status and why they may not be advancing out of this status in a timely manner. As shared in the definition above, these applicants cannot advance until missing materials or applicant approval is received by PharmCAS. Schools can view these applicants to determine what materials are missing and can assist applicants in submitting these final pieces. 

    Here's how you can review these applicants in WebAdMIT:

    Missing Transcripts

    • Under the Applicants tab, click "Search."
    • In the Applicant Status tab, select "Received," then "Search."
    • Select any applicant and as a starting point, go to the Documents tab, followed by the Transcripts sub-tab.
    • You will most likely see "pending" next to one or more transcripts that PharmCAS is waiting to receive.
    • Applicants can see this information on their end via Check Status at the top of the application dashboard. However, schools may also wish to contact applicants directly about these missing materials.

    Professional Transcript Entry (PTE)

    Some applicants choose to have a PTE specialist enter their completed coursework for an additional fee. Review the PTE section of the PharmCAS Applicant Help Center for more information.  PTE statuses can be viewed in the applicant header in WebAdMIT and will be one of the following:

    • TE-Awaiting Transcripts: The applicant has not submitted all required, official transcripts to the CAS.
    • TE-Ready for Work: The applicant is in queue to have their coursework entered by a PTE specialist.
    • TE-Pending Approval: The applicant must approve the entered coursework before their application is given a complete date and placed in line for verification. Note that the applicant may have to meet additional CAS requirements, before being given a complete date.
    • TE-Approved: The applicant has approved the entered coursework.

    Policy Reminder
    Colleges and schools are NOT permitted to offer interviews or make admission decisions on applicants before their applications are verified by PharmCAS. Please see the institutional participation policy beginning on page 17 of the PharmCAS School Manual to learn more.

    Please direct any questions to the AACP Student Affairs team via

    Thank you!

    Katie Owings Bruce
    Director of Application Services and Student Programs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    703-739-2330 x1026

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