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Types of Communities

  • Section or Special Interest Group: Communities specifically for that Section of SIG. Members can join up to two Sections and unlimited SIGs. 
  • Special Communities: Communities created by AACP members that are not Sections or SIGs. Please refer to the Community Guidelines for a definition of special Communities. 
  • View Only: Communities you are not currently a part of. You can view their description and leadership but not the discussions and library contents unless you join the Community. 

Joining a Community

  • To join a Section or SIG Community login to the member database using your AACP username and password.
  • Hover you mouse over My Account and click on My SIGs or Sections.
  • Scroll down the page to the Select SIG section.
  • Click the magnifying glass to browse all the SIGs available to AACP members.
  • Click the SIG you would like to join, click Select, then click Save back on the Select SIG section.
  • This same process should be followed for Sections.
  • Allow the systems 30-60 minutes to refresh and capture the changes you have made.
For any questions please contact