Create a Community

AACP Connect Communities facilitate networking, discussions, sharing, and dissemination of knowledge between individuals who share the same subject matter interests. Communities must be utilized on a consistent basis. Please review the AACP Connect Community Guidelines:

  • Applicants must demonstrate a need for the Community and prove that this need is not currently being met.
  • Community approval has no bearing on any future section or SIG applications.
  • The AACP Operational Efficiency Workgroup, comprised of AACP staff members, will review the AACP Connect Community documentation and application.
  • Creation of a Community does not require approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Training for all new leaders named in the Community application is mandatory.
  • AACP staff will provide guidance for the leadership roles but will not serve as a Community leader or facilitator.
  • Continuance: The Community will be reviewed every 12 months from its inception. The Community will be dissolved if the Community falls below the required average of five discussion posts per month.

You may submit an application to create a new AACP Connect Community here.