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Within the PharmCAS Community, AACP staff will share important announcements, including PharmCAS volume updates, training opportunities, and WebAdMIT updates, and solicit your valuable feedback. You can also use the community to network with colleagues across institutions. Please contact staff directly via email and outside of AACP Connect to request assistance with system or applicant issues or requests including WebAdMIT, enhancements, and deadline extensions.

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PharmCAS Account Manager:
Melissa Keaveney
617.612.2008 ▪

For Admissions and Applicant Questions: 
Nicole Iarossi
Customer Solutions Manager
617.612.2056 ▪

For System and Usage Questions:
857.304.2020 ▪

Please direct all Applicants to PharmCAS Customer Service:

AACP Contacts

Katie Owings Bruce
Director of Application Services and Student Programs
703.739.2330 x1026 ▪

Libby J. Ross, MA 
Senior Director for Student Affairs
703.739.2330 x1009 ▪

Emily Riley
Student Affairs Coordinator
703.739.2330 x1040 ▪

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