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Cooperative Admissions Guidelines & Sharing of Admission Decisions

  • 1.  Cooperative Admissions Guidelines & Sharing of Admission Decisions

    Posted 02-21-2024 10:53 AM


    We recognize that the FASFA delay (see FASFA Updates) may cause challenges in meeting the March 1 Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG) deadline. It is in the best interest of students and schools to make plans as early as possible. Schools are encouraged to be flexible with students recognizing that they may not understand their financial aid package until mid-March. Students should contact the school directly with questions. 

    Some pharmacy schools voluntarily participate in the AACP Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG), also known as admissions traffic rules. The guidelines for applicants are below. Applicants who are accepted to a Pharm.D. program and decide not to enroll for any reason are instructed to immediately notify the school of their decision, regardless of the school's CAG participation status.

    After March 1:

    • Applicants may hold only one acceptance. Schools and colleges may choose to rescind their offers to applicants holding multiple acceptances.
    • Schools and colleges may require a second deposit, and will set the dollar value, if applicable. Applicants may consider additional admission offers after March 1 but may still only hold one acceptance.

    All PharmCAS institutions, regardless of CAG status, are expected to enter Offer Made and Offer Accepted decision codes to date on a regular basis and by no later than March 1, so that the "Competing Offers Made" and "Competing Offers Accepted" reports in WebAdMIT reflect current and accurate data. WebAdMIT Support can assist with bulk code changes, as needed. PharmCAS does not display decision codes to applicants. Below are definitions for select codes. Please refer to the PharmCAS School Manual to learn more.

    • Offer Made: Institution made an offer of admission to the applicant.
    • Offer Accepted: Applicant accepted offer of admission. (Typically, the applicant has paid a deposit.)
    • Matriculated: Accepted applicant started classes in the professional program. Do not use this code if an applicant has only accepted an offer of admission, participated in a new student orientation, or registered for classes.

    While strongly encouraged, not all colleges and schools may enter decision codes in WebAdMIT by March 1 or on a consistent basis for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the "Competing Offers Made" and "Competing Offers Accepted" reports may not always reflect up-to-date information for reasons beyond an applicant's control. Final decision codes for the 2023-2024 cycle are due by September 30. 

    AACP has received unverified reports of applicants being pressured to cancel their interviews after accepting an offer of admission to another school of pharmacy. AACP and the PharmCAS Advisory Committee strongly discourage this admissions practice. While accepted applicants can and should be encouraged to respond to all offers of admission in a timely manner, they are still free to apply to and interview with additional schools after paying a deposit or accepting an offer elsewhere. Based on a previous analysis of the Department of Justice (DOJ) decision relative to the NACAC Code of Ethics, schools cannot attempt to to limit an applicant's choice of programs at any time, including after acceptance or matriculation. Please consult with your institutional legal counsel for guidance.

    Please contact, if questions. Thank you!

    Katie Owings Bruce
    Director of Application Services and Student Programs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    703-739-2330 x1026