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2021-2022 PharmCAS Coupon Code Data & Best Practices

  • 1.  2021-2022 PharmCAS Coupon Code Data & Best Practices

    Posted 15 days ago

    Hi colleagues,

    Coupon codes are application fee discounts that colleges and schools can use to incentivize applicants to apply. If your institution chooses to use this program, it will purchase coupon codes from Liaison through the PharmCAS Payment Gateway and provide them to selected applicants.

    Please find below some frequently asked questions, best practices for schools who opt to use this optional service, and data points on coupon code use from the 2021-2022 (previous) PharmCAS cycle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    View 2022-2023 PharmCAS Coupon Code Policies and Frequently Asked Questions.

    Coupon Code Best Practices

    A high number of coupon codes were not redeemed last cycle and, unfortunately, unused coupon codes will not carry forward to the next cycle. Here are some suggestions:

    • Coupon codes can be purchased on an as-needed basis. Therefore, it is recommended that schools purchase codes based on the known number of applicants who will receive one. Should a future applicant need a coupon code as well, the school can purchase another coupon code at that time.
    • Liaison tracks each coupon code, when it was redeemed, and the applicant who redeemed it. Upon request, Nicole Iarossi (, PharmCAS Client Success Manager, can generate a Coupon Code Report that includes all coupon code batches generated within a specific date range.
    • Coupon codes are tied to each organization but are not tied to a particular applicant. Therefore, if you review your Coupon Code Report and have unused codes, they may be provided to another applicant, as desired.

    2021-2022 PharmCAS Coupon Code Data

    • Total coupon codes purchased: 1354
    • Total # of codes redeemed: 952
      • # of $175 codes redeemed: 416
      • # of $55 codes redeemed: 536
    • Total # of codes NOT redeemed: 402
      • # of $175 codes NOT redeemed: 144
      • # of $55 codes NOT redeemed: 258
    • Of the 1354 total coupon codes purchased:
      • How many were purchased at the $175 amount? 560
      • How many were purchased at the $55 amount? 794
    • Total # of schools that purchased at least one coupon code? 49 based on ACPE accreditation status; 53 designations
    • Of the total, how many schools purchased one or more $175 codes? 9 schools
    • Of the total, how many schools purchased one or more $55 codes? 18 schools
      • Breakdown:
        • Only $175: 9 schools
        • Only $55: 18 schools
        • Both: 26 schools

    We hope this information is helpful and welcome any additional questions about the coupon code process.


    Katie Owings Bruce
    Director of Application Services and Student Programs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    703-739-2330 x1026