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Call for Pharm4Me Activities & Stories

  • 1.  Call for Pharm4Me Activities & Stories

    Posted 01-07-2019 14:14

    We are seeking your contributions to assist with developing a list of activities for prospective students, as it relates to pharmacy, math and science, STEM, etc.

    Similar to the Compounding Activity these activities can be impactful when demonstrating various aspects of the pharmacy profession to prospective middle and high school students.  The finalized document will be added to our current list of Pharm4Me Recruitment Materials as an additional resource available to all for use at various recruitment events.    

    When sharing this information please include the following information:  

    • Description of activity 
    • Ingredients/supplies needed
    • Instructions to execute the activity
    • Pharmacy talking points (if any)
    • Additional notes


    Also, we are still in the process of creating new content for the Pharmacy is Right for Me (Pharm4Me) website and blog posts.  If you are interested in inspiring the next generation of pharmacists, please click the links below to view the related questionnaires for each story type. 

    • Day in the Life: Stories will feature a behind-the-scenes look at diverse pharmacy career opportunities from the perspective of pharmacists.
    • Lives Changed: Stories will feature the positive impact of pharmacists on patient care from the perspective of both patients and pharmacists.

    Submit all activities, completed questionnaires, and any questions to

    Rosie Walker
    Director of Recruitment and Diversity
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    Arlington VA