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The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – May 2020

  • 1.  The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – May 2020

    Posted 05-27-2020 01:30 PM
    Edited by Katie Bruce 05-27-2020 01:30 PM
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    Hello colleagues,

    In this edition of The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition, we are focusing on the Competing Offers Made and Competing Offers Accepted Reports.

    The Competing Offers Made and Competing Offers Accepted reports are available in the Applicants panel in WebAdMIT at the beginning of every cycle. These reports help programs identify applicants who have received or accepted multiple offers of acceptance. PharmCAS does not reveal the identity of the competing programs on these dynamic reports.

    Competing Offers


    1. Competing Offers Made 
      An applicant appears on this report when he or she received an offer of acceptance from both your program and a program at another institution but has not yet made a decision.

    2. Competing Offers Accepted 
      An applicant appears on this report when he or she received an offer of acceptance from your program (regardless of whether they accepted the offer) and has accepted an offer made by one or more competing institutions. The applicant may have paid a deposit to the competing institution.

    These reports are only as accurate as the decision data entered into WebAdMIT. Institutions are encouraged to keep their admission decisions up to date in WebAdMIT on a regular basis. Colleges and schools are strongly discouraged from making any admission decisions based solely on the data in these reports.

    The final admission decision reports are released at the close of the application cycle after students enroll in the fall. Following the close of the application cycle, PharmCAS provides reports with additional information regarding the PharmCAS applicant pool.

    By sharing this information, programs can determine whether applicants who have accepted an offer of admission to their institution are also holding an acceptance elsewhere. The Competing Offers Made and Competing Offers Accepted reports for shared applicants may impact participating programs in additional ways:

    1. Encourage admissions staff to frequently report final decisions to PharmCAS.
    2. Allow admissions offices to communicate with students who have received or accepted multiple offers of admission at other institutions and do the following:
    • Provide additional information regarding available financial aid;
    • Offer assistance with housing opportunities;
    • Answer institution-specific questions;
    • Determine if the applicant has violated the Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG); and/or
    • Encourage individual applicants to make a final decision.
    3. Facilitate the admission office's assessment of the accepter's likelihood of matriculating in the fall.
    4. Provide needed data to justify additional offers of acceptance to ensure a full class.

    Refer to the Sharing of Admissions Decisions section beginning on page 72 of the PharmCAS School Manual.


    The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition
    will be back in June with another topic!

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    Director of Application Services and Student Programs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
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