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The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – August 2021

  • 1.  The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – August 2021

    Posted 08-26-2021 10:20 AM
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    Hello colleagues,

    In this edition of The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition, we are focusing on full view of applicants with Received and Complete status in WebAdMIT.

    In past cycles, PharmCAS schools could only view the complete application details of applicants with Verified status in WebAdMIT. Views of applicants with Received and Complete status were restricted. Starting in the current 2021-2022 admissions cycle, PharmCAS provides a full view of applicants with Received and Complete status in WebAdMIT.

    As a result of the expanded views in WebAdMIT, users will be able to:

    • Access all WebAdMIT panels for the school's applicants with Received and Complete status in addition to applicants with Verified status.
    • View the list of missing official transcripts and evaluations for Received applicants.
    • Include Received and Complete applicants in counts in both the Designations by Local Status and Designations by Decision Code panels.
    • Review submitted evaluations and other application details before an application is verified.


    • Received and Complete applicants no longer have their own link under the Applicants tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. However, you will still find links for In Progress, On Hold, and Undelivered applicants in this location.
    • Users can look under the Designations by Application Status tab on the right-hand side of the dashboard to see how many applicants are in each status. Click on a status to see which applicants are in that category.
    • All full view applicants (Received, Complete, Verified) will automatically filter into "None" under the Designations by Local Status tab and the Designations by Decision tab (shown below).
    • After clicking "None," review the Applicant Status column to determine if these applicants are Received, Complete, or Verified.
    • After clicking "None," users can also search by the "Designation Submitted Date" to locate new applicants since their last review.

    The expanded views in WebAdMIT are intended to facilitate the ability of schools to nurture applicants during every stage of the admissions process. However, colleges and schools are NOT permitted to offer interviews or make admission decisions on applicants before their applications are verified by PharmCAS. Please see the institutional participation policy in the PharmCAS School Manual to learn more. Schools that do not comply will be in violation of the policy. AACP reserves the right to reinstate the Verified-only view in WebAdMIT in the future, if there are widespread violations.

    The following applicant status definitions were revised to reflect the new views in WebAdMIT for the upcoming cycle:

    • Received: Not all required transcripts have arrived or the fee waiver request has not yet been approved and, therefore, the application is not yet complete or eligible to be verified. School can access the full application for nurturing purposes only.
    • Complete: All required transcripts have arrived and the application is in the transcript verification queue. School can access the full application for nurturing purposes only.
    • Verified: Application has been submitted and PharmCAS has confirmed the accuracy of the completed coursework and calculated GPAs. Additional materials may be missing (e.g., evaluations). School can access the full application and act on it.


    The definition and view settings of In-Progress remain unchanged. To learn more about In-Progress applicants, refer to the October 2020: The More You Know.  


    • 2021-2022 PharmCAS School Manual
      • PharmCAS Institutional Participation Policy – page 17
      • Applicant Status Categories – page 76
      • Full View in WebAdMIT – page 76



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