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The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – October 2020

  • 1.  The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – October 2020

    Posted 10-23-2020 10:18 AM
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    Hello colleagues,

    In this edition of The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition, we are focusing on In-Progress Applicants.

    In-Progress applicants have expressed an interest in your program but have not submitted their application or paid application fees. Users are able to view or search for these prospective applicants in WebAdMIT, but only contact information is visible.

    Applicants must select at least one program before they can begin entering their data on the application. The current platform also allows applicants to separately submit their application to each program without deselecting other schools they do not want to apply to at that time for whatever reason. For instance, if an applicant selects four programs, they can choose to click one button to apply to all at once or click a separate Submit button for each selected program. Staff advises that in-progress applicants be considered individuals who have expressed an interest in the program, rather than confirmed applicants in the program's queue. As an analogy, in-progress applicants have placed your program in their online shopping cart but have not yet committed to completing the purchase.

    In-progress applicants can pull selected data forward from the current cycle into the next application cycle. As a result, more applicants may opt to create an account a year or more before they are ready to apply.

    In PharmCAS, in-progress applicants are unable to hide their name and email address from their designated schools prior to submission. However, PharmCAS provides partial (i.e., limited) viewing rights for in-progress applicants. Once verified, schools can view an applicant's full file via WebAdMIT.

    In-progress applicants can be easily accessed from the WebAdMIT dashboard via the Applicants menu bar or the Designation by Application Status channel:

    Applicants Tab
    Designations Tab

    If you wish to track certain in-progress applicants or no longer want to communicate with certain in-progress applicants, you can remove them from your communications by using Local Statuses. Here are some suggestions:

    • If assigning local statuses to in-progress applicants, use "In-Progress" at the start of the local status name (e.g. "In-Progress – Email 1" or "In-Progress – Test Account or Uninterested"). This will aid in easily searching for the applicants and/or batch changing their local status on the in-progress applicants page.
    • After creating in-progress local statuses, users can attach an email template to the local status. This will trigger an email to be sent to the in-progress applicant(s) once placed in the appropriate local status:
    In-Progress Send Email

    There are two ways to determine when an in-progress applicant added your program to the application:

    • On the In-Progress applicants page, go to "Export to XLS" in the Search Actions dropdown. Look for the "designation_added_date" field within.
    • Go to an individual application and then to the Designation tab. Next, locate and expand the Details column and you will see the "Program Added" date within.



    • In-progress applicants should be considered potential applicants. They have designated your program but have not submitted their application or paid application fees.
    • Communication with applicants prior to verification will continue to be allowed and is encouraged.


    The following sections of the WebAdMIT Help Center may also be helpful for users:



    The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition
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