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The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – February 2022

  • 1.  The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition – February 2022

    Posted 02-10-2022 09:54 AM
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    Hello colleagues,

    In this edition of The More You Know: WebAdMIT Edition, we are focusing on requesting deadline extensions (for the full applicant pool or for individual applicants).

    Participating programs in PharmCAS may request a deadline extension for the entire applicant pool or individual applicants. PharmCAS does not accept deadline extension requests from applicants and will instruct applicants who request an extension to contact the school directly.

    Programs that wish to extend their final application deadline for all applicants are encouraged to contact Nicole Iarossi ( and/or AACP ( before the deadline has passed. (If applicants are required to send supplemental materials directly to the school, consider extending the supplemental deadline as well.)

    Programs that wish to extend their deadline for the full applicant pool should contact AACP and PharmCAS with the following:
    • The new final deadline date, which must be selected from the list of remaining deadline options for PharmCAS and no later than June 1.
    • The desired business day that you would like AACP/PharmCAS staff to make the deadline change (e.g., the school would like to update their March 1 deadline to June 1. They would like for this change to be made on March 2). AACP/PharmCAS staff will confirm with the school directly once the necessary changes are in place.


    Programs may grant deadline extensions for individual applicants through June 1, 2022. Between June 2, 2022 and June 30, 2022, programs may only grant deadline extensions to individual applicants. PharmCAS will continue to accept supporting application materials (e.g., transcripts) through June 30, 2022, and verify applications through close of business on July 6, 2022. Programs that wish to grant a deadline extension to an individual applicant have two options:

    • Are you requesting an extension for a single applicant or a few applicants? If yes, email Nicole Iarossi ( with the applicant(s) name and PharmCAS ID Number. The standard individual deadline extension is 48 hours. You can request these extensions as often as you like prior to the end of the cycle on June 30.

    • Are you requesting an extension for a group of applicants? If yes, email Nicole Iarossi ( to request an "invitation code" that is unique to the pharmacy school. Your request should include the following:
      • The number of invitation codes you are requesting (e.g., 25)
      • The invitation code expiration date (no later than June 30, 2021)

    The school can then share the invitation code with each applicant who has been approved for an individual deadline extension. The applicant must enter the invitation code into the application to select your program on the Add Program screen. Invitation codes will automatically expire once the 2021-2022 cycle closes on June 30, unless the school chooses an earlier expiration date, and are not unique to each applicant. Additionally, schools can run a report in WebAdMIT to view the list of applicants who have utilized invitation codes.





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