Pharmacy Practice Section Webinar

When:  Sep 12, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Crafting a Successful Sabbatical: the 'Why', 'Who', 'When' and 'How'

A successful sabbatical requires meticulous planning to maximize the benefit to the faculty member and college. Barriers to sabbatical participation can include lack of knowledge about the process, time commitment, academic stigma, family disruption, and financial considerations. In this webinar, faculty will describe examples of completed sabbaticals, and provide best practices for crafting a successful proposal.


  • Describe sabbaticals including types, eligibility, and barriers.
  • Identify the benefits of sabbaticals in regards to faculty development and wellness.
  • Develop a timeline and formulate specific goals for a successful sabbatical.


Stacy A. Voils, PharmD, M.Sc., BCPS, FCCM, FCCP
Clinical Associate Professor
Dept of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research
University of Florida |College of Pharmacy


Scott Bolesta, PharmD, BCPS, FCCM
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
Wilkes University

Adam Persky, PhD
Clinical Professor
University of North Carolina