Administrative Services Section Webinar

When:  Mar 20, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)

Voicing Concerns with Your Supervisor 

When approaching your supervisor for a difficult conversation, a primary goal is to do so respectfully and in an effort to continue a supportive relationship. We’ve all felt it – that “I think I need to talk to them about this” moment. Despite the circumstance, many of us experience internal conflict with when, how, and where to approach our supervisors with concerns. Our uniqueness makes these conflicts inevitable. Explore ways for approaching your supervisor to share “gray” concerns.


  1. Recognize through self-reflection the role emotion plays in difficult conversations.
  2. Consider differing perspectives while understanding intent versus impact.
  3. Decide your purpose by weighing when to raise a concern and when to let it go.


Rebecca Brierley
Assistant Dean Office of External Affairs
Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
University at Buffalo
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Joel P. Spiess, MS
Program Manager for Academic Affairs
School of Pharmacy
Medical College of Wisconsin


Rebecca Brierley