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Within the PharmCAS Community, AACP staff will share important announcements, including PharmCAS volume updates, training opportunities, and WebAdMIT updates, and solicit your valuable feedback. You can also use the community to network with colleagues across institutions. Please contact staff directly via email and outside of AACP Connect to request assistance with system or applicant issues or requests including WebAdMIT, enhancements, and deadline extensions.

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For Admissions and Applicant Questions: 
Nicole Iarossi
Client Success Manager
617.612.2056 ▪

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AACP Contacts

Katie Owings Bruce
Director of Application Services and Student Programs
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Libby J. Ross, MA 
Senior Director for Student Affairs
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  • Hi colleagues, AACP and Kira Talent invite you to a live webinar, Improving Applicant Yield in the Admissions Process , on May 5 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Kristin Heinrich from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy will talk strategies to help ...

  • AACP is pleased to announce its partnership with Kira Talent to provide colleges and schools of pharmacy with access to a holistic admissions solution designed to support a more efficient, effective, and fair admissions process. Schools can opt to leverage ...

  • Hello colleagues, The 2020-2021 Spring Academic Update (AU) window opens today, April 15, 2021. Accepted applicants must enter spring grades before the 2020-2021 cycle and Spring Academic Update period closes on June 30, 2021. It is the applicant's ...

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  • NOVEL PHARMACY CAREERS I am excited to share with you the new Novel Pharmacy Careers webpage, which is intended to highlight unique workforce opportunities to prospective and current students in order to increase the pipeline of students into the ...

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