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Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 1.  Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-13-2020 14:05
    Good Morning -
    I was asked to pose this question in this community.

    I hope everyone is doing ok during these challenging times. As more schools look to take teaching online and limit interactions on campus, I was wondering what approaches are being considered for your admissions and recruitment operations? I am most interested in how schools will administer their remaining interviews. Any insight I am sure will be helpful to many. Thank you. Please stay healthy and safe, everyone!

    Rocke DeMark
    Associate Dean, Student Affairs
    Chapman University
    Irvine CA

  • 2.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-13-2020 14:10



    Touro University California is cancelling/rescheduling interviews scheduled for the week of March 16th and we are switching all admissions-related activities, including admissions interviews, to an online format using Zoom as our platform of choice.  Though our plan still needs to be finalized, our explorations suggest Zoom will allow us to do all (or most) of what we currently do during interview days, albeit in a different format.  At least through April 20th, we are also cancelling our participation in all in-person recruitment events.  These are interesting times!


    Steve Davis




    Steven Davis, MAPsy

    Director of Admissions

    Touro University California


  • 3.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-13-2020 14:12
    Hi all,

    We have been conducting our remaining interviews via Skype for Business or Zoom. The University of Iowa will be utilizing these two softwares for all non-essential, face-to-face interactions from admissions to advising appointments. I have told candidates that we will offer online virtual tours as available. This has worked well for us, although not ideal. Stay safe and stay well!


    Lauren Garcia
    Admissions Manager
    The University of Iowa
    Iowa City IA

  • 4.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-13-2020 14:16



    We have considered remote via (Zoom or Skype).


    Excellence in Truth and Service,


    Ms. Terry Morris, MSW

    Howard University College of Pharmacy

    Office of Student Affairs


    Phone: 202-806-5009



  • 5.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-13-2020 14:24
    We have not made an absolute decision yet, but most of our candidates are within driving distance.  Additionally,  I have worked for colleges that have 100 or more candidates interviewing on the same day, and have fewer interview days.  However, we prefer to have more interview days, and have no more than 10 people at a time:  ten in the am, and ten in the pm.  Therefore, we believe we can maintain social distancing and continue to have onsite interviews for local candidates.  It is likely we will use Microsoft Teams or another interactive platform for those outside of driving distance and have all distant candidates on several days, maintaining our ten per session maximum.

    Gary M. Levin
    Professor and Dean
    Larkin University College of Pharmacy
    Miami, FL

  • 6.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-18-2020 09:13

    We will be using Microsoft Teams to host our MMI interviews. We cannot bring anyone onto campus at this time.

    Nazach Rodriguez-Snapp
    Director of Admissions
    University of South Florida
    Tampa FL

  • 7.  RE: Admissions Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted 03-23-2020 12:40

    Rocke and All –


    We (Mercer) hosted our first online interviews this past Friday using Zoom. We have a hybrid sort of interview that includes informational sessions, one-on-one interviews, MMI, team activity, and a tour. We did move our tour of campus to a virtual tour via YouTube link sent out before interview day. Breakout rooms in Zoom worked well for our one-on-one, MMI, and team activity elements. We did also provide sessions for our interviewees, faculty, and student Ambassadors to test their connectivity/access to Zoom the day before the actual interview. The interviews went very well and we've received some great feedback from the participants so that we can tweak them as we move forward.


    We are now looking forward to our new student event in late May...hoping not to have to cancel, but having a back-up plan for a virtual event just in case. For example, if we do have to go virtual, I am hoping we can still do a synchronous event (or multiple events since online) to handle registration, financial aid, and other presentations and Q&A that are typically part of the event. Is anyone else planning a similar event this spring/early summer? If so, how are you moving forward with your event?


    Best wishes to all as we navigate this era of online recruitment and enrollment activities.



    Jordana Berry, MBA '04

    Director of Admissions

    Mercer University College of Pharmacy


    3001 Mercer University Drive

    Atlanta, GA 30341

    T: 678-547-6182

    F: 678-547-6518