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PharmCAS Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) Service

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    Posted 10-15-2019 11:15

    Hello colleagues,

    Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) is an optional service that is now available for PharmCAS applicants in the 2019-2020 application cycle.

    Applicants who prefer not to enter all their coursework on their own into the PharmCAS application may now have the Liaison PTE specialists enter it for them for an additional fee. This service is only available for completed coursework from accredited schools. Coursework from unlisted schools, foreign coursework, and planned/in-progress courses are ineligible for PTE and must be entered by the applicant.

    Once the PTE data entry is done, applicants will receive a notification from PharmCAS that describes how to review and approve their PTE coursework. Before they can approve their PTE coursework, applicants must match it to the prerequisites for their designated programs that have this tab enabled in the Program Materials section.

    PTE was previously offered in PharmCAS and disabled in the 2018-2019 cycle due to concerns associated with the feature. Liaison has made changes to the service to address past complaints.

    • Applicants who opt to use PTE are now identified in WebAdMIT. Previously, any PTE applicants who did not re-submit in a timely manner appeared in WebAdMIT to be delayed in the verification queue, which resulted in a misleading and negative impression of PharmCAS verification timelines.
    • Liaison has shifted operations so that most PTE applicants are processed within a week, rather than 2-3 weeks in the past. However, a one-week processing time is not guaranteed.
    • Previously, applicants who failed to review and resubmit their application after PTE would linger in a holding status. Now, if an applicant does not approve their PTE within 72 hours, one of the following scenarios occurs:
      1. Applicants who match their prerequisites but do not hit the approve button for PTE will be pushed to the Verification queue. 
      2. Applicants who do not match their prerequisites after 72 hours will receive an email a reminder with instructions on how to complete this process.


    Further details for applicants can be found beginning on page 45 of the PharmCAS Application Instructions PDF and within the PharmCAS Help Center.

    Please email if you have any questions.


    Katie Owings Bruce
    Director of Application Services and Student Programs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    703-739-2330 x1026