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Unofficial Transcripts - Updates

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    Posted 05-06-2020 11:27
    Hello colleagues,

    As previously announced, PharmCAS began accepting unofficial transcripts from applicants on April 29. The new service is only intended for applicants who are unable to obtain official transcripts from their colleges attended.  Below are some initial observations and implications of the new upload system.

    • More than 650 unofficial transcripts have been uploaded to PharmCAS to date, which is significantly more than anticipated.
    • Some applicants have uploaded unofficial transcripts when official transcripts are available from their colleges attended.
    • Therefore, some applicants did not contact their registrars before uploading unofficial transcripts, as instructed, and may have answered dishonestly to related questions in the "COVID-19 Transcript Hardships" section.
    • The quality of the unofficial transcripts varies significantly.
    • Liaison does not have the capacity to reject unofficial transcripts submitted, unless handwritten, regardless of quality or whether official transcripts are available from a particular institution.
    • Due to the higher than expected volume and manual process required to process, unofficial transcripts can delay application processing by 5+ days.
    • PharmCAS is not responsible for erroneous information on or the quality of unofficial transcripts.

    FYI - Liaison will accept official transcripts directly from registrars via email, if pre-approved. Please direct your institutional registrar to complete a Liaison form to request this service, if needed. Do not share this information or link with applicants, since it will not affect how applicants request official transcripts.

    Communication with Applicants
    Below is updated guidance that will be shared with PharmCAS applicants and schools are free to share.

    • Contact your registrar directly to determine whether official transcripts (electronic and/or paper) are available.
    • Arrange for official transcripts to be sent to PharmCAS, even if they might be delayed.
    • If you must submit an unofficial transcript, upload a document generated by the institution, such as a computer printout of your student record or scanned copy of student-issued transcript.
    • Do not upload a handwritten or typed document that you created.
    • Unofficial transcripts will delay your PharmCAS application in processing by 5+ days.
    • Plan to submit official transcripts from every college attended directly to the pharmacy school in the future, as instructed.
    • Any discrepancies identified between your unofficial and official transcripts may jeopardize your application status.

    PharmCAS understands that official transcripts are unavailable at a few institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages applicants who need to upload unofficial transcripts to do so. We greatly appreciate your support as we learn more about this new system and will share updates, as they become available. Please contact us at, if questions. Thank you!

    Katie O. Bruce
     Director of Application Services and Student Programs
     American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

    Libby J. Ross, MA
     Senior Director for Student Affairs
     American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy