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Keep Admission Decisions Up-to-Date

  • 1.  Keep Admission Decisions Up-to-Date

    Posted 06-25-2019 13:38

    Hello colleagues,

    All PharmCAS institutions were expected to report at least one admission decision to PharmCAS by June 15 for every verified PharmCAS application it received. Programs must report admission decisions via WebAdMIT. Participating institutions are encouraged to update their admissions decision on a dynamic basis, and not wait to set them all on the deadline date, so that the "Competing Offers Made" and "Competing Offers Accepted" reports in WebAdMIT reflect current and accurate data. WebAdMIT Support can assist with bulk code changes, as needed.

    See the PharmCAS School Manual (starting on page 72) to learn more.

    Note: The Matriculated decision code should only be used once the accepted applicant has started classes in the fall. Do not use the code if an applicant has only accepted an offer of admission, participated in a new student orientation, or registered for classes.

    While strongly encouraged, not all colleges and schools may have entered decision codes in WebAdMIT by June 15 or on a frequent and consistent basis for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the "Competing Offers Made" and "Competing Offers Accepted" reports may not always reflect up-to-date information for reasons beyond an applicant's control. Final decision codes are due by September 30.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation!


    Katie Owings Bruce
    Associate Director of Student Affairs
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    703-739-2330 x1026