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Recruitment Webinar: Implicit Bias Training for School of Pharmacy Admission Interviewers Feb. 12

  • 1.  Recruitment Webinar: Implicit Bias Training for School of Pharmacy Admission Interviewers Feb. 12

    Posted 02-10-2020 11:18

    Please join us for an AACP student recruitment webinar this Wednesday! These sessions are intended to highlight innovative ways that colleges and schools of pharmacy can interest more students in their respective PharmD programs and the profession. You must register for the live event to access the recordings, once available. 

    Webinar Title: Implicit Bias Training for School of Pharmacy Admission Interviewers

    Webinar Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    Webinar Time: 11:00am-12:00pm ET


    Lakesha M. Butler, PharmD
    Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice
    Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Jessica Kerr, PharmD, CDE
    Associate Dean of Professional and Student Affairs
    Professor of Pharmacy Practice
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Webinar Description:  Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness usually in a way considered to be inequitable. Biases can have negative or positive consequences and affect our interactions with others such as during student interviews. An interactive web-based training was developed to facilitate pharmacy school interviewers in addressing their biases and help them develop ways to overcome them in an effort to make the admissions process more equitable. Implementing implicit bias training during the college admissions process for pharmacy schools can help create equity amongst student candidates and cultivate diversity and inclusion. This webinar will discuss the training, feedback from interviewers and future implications.

    Webinar Objectives:

    1. Discuss how implicit bias can affect pharmacy school admissions.
    2. Describe development and implementation of implicit bias training for student interviewers.
    3. Discuss future implications of implicit bias training on pharmacy student diversity. 

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    We welcome ideas for future webinar topics and presenters. Speakers should plan to present for 45 minutes and allow an additional 5-10 minutes for Q&A. If you wish to submit a proposal, please send the following information to

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    Rosie Walker
    Director of Recruitment and Diversity
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
    Arlington VA